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Find out if you have recalled appliances and what to do about it

Appliances – HVAC Equipment – Water Heaters
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RecallChek is a first of it’s kind, fully audited database and reporting facility dedicated to finding manufacturer recalls on household products including appliances, HVAC equipment, and water heaters.

Who Offers RecallChek Services?
RecallChek is a service provided exclusively through preferred home inspectors and repair specialists.

Here’s how it works:

While conducting the home inspection, the inspector will gather the make and model information of the appliances, HVAC equipment, and water heaters.

Within two business days a report will be emailed to you containing the following information:

  • Any and all potential recalls from our database of about 195 million recalled appliances, safety notices, and how to confirm if the appliance in the home is affected.
  • The nature of the recall, and all known occurrences of injury or property damage.
  • The remedy, and more often than not, how to get it fixed free of charge by the manufacturer, with phone numbers and hours of business.

A summary of what to do if you have a recalled appliance, what to do if a manufacturer fails to respond to your request, and a help line open five days a week for your customer to call.

The database goes all the way back to 1974 and covers manufacturer’s recall information for any report that has been filed with the federal government prior to the date of the inspection.

Order Your RecallChek Today For Only 29.95!